Thursday, July 22, 2010

Some Additions

Since all the Clannad-based content of this blog is being posted to The School's Trees as well (which I highly recommend reading, since there are two other Clannad bloggers there), right now this blog has no original content.  But don't worry...that's about to change.

Instead of keeping this blog solely based on Clannad, I've decided to add reviews/reflections for other Japanese works I've come across.  While most of these will be anime, there will also be some manga, and possibly the occasional live-action film as well (Kurosawa, anyone?).  So those will be started soon, beginning with a review of Osamu Tezuka's manga classic Metropolis.  The posts will be split into two parts: a quick summary, review, and rating (using Anime News Network's rating qualifications: 7 is Good, worth seeing; 8 is Very Good, don't miss it; 9 is Excellent, should be anyone's collection; 10 is A Masterpiece, exquisite beyond words (if there's anything I'd rate lower than that, I probably won't take the time to write a review for it)), followed by a more in-depth section called "A Deeper Look."  WARNING: "A Deeper Look" sections will quite probably contain SPOILERS!!!

And to justify not changing the blog's title: I'd been exposed to bits of manga and anime in my life before I got to college.  Once I got there, I really got started in anime with Azumanga Daioh and Fullmetal Alchemist.  But it was watching Clannad that really showed me the power and potential of Japanese works (although FMA had some of that as well).  So, since Clannad was my gateway into truly delving into Japanese media, all the works I've seen/read since I saw Clannad could be linked back to it; thus they are all part of the "Big Family of Clannad."  Also, I just like the name.

So, my first new review will be up soon.  And don't worry: there will still be lots of Clannad as well!

Thanks for reading.  God bless, and peace.

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